New Blog

Well I created a new blog now and I might share the link soon but thx again for everything guys! Some of you may not read this(since this blog died weeks ago) But for those reading it, thx for everything!


Is this goodbye? I really didn’t want to end this blog since I’ve been doing okay but I think I’m not meant to continue blogging since… *sigh* I really haven’t been feeling up to it. It pains me a lot to end it here so I HOPE in the future I may make a post or two. Maybe I just want to start fresh with a new blog since this one has kinda been idk, okay I guess but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AND I WILL SERIOUSLY REGRET THIS BUT GOODBYE!!! ;-; I think I may end it but thank you all for being here with me this whole time and well this is goodbye 😬:? 

P.s. Have hope… I may make a new blog in the future. If I ever get inspired. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH *cries* I’ll still like all your posts don’t worry 

Sorry Everyone ;-;

I know I am not that active when it comes to making posts and I’m sorry I haven’t been posting but I seriously haven’t been able to think of anything to blog about and since my grades have been bothering me I really don’t think about what I’m going to post 😕 So sorry everyone and I hope to be posting something soon 😐